14 Jul 2013 Posted by: Comments: 0 In: Geen categorie

So much has happened in such a short time that I barely know where to start.

First of all we made it safely from sweaty Dubai to Asseelah Oman. It took us a lot longer then we expected but that’s part of the trip not always knowing what to expect. Real rookies as it took us 11 hours and others 8 ;)

We had an amazing first day at Asseelah Joe’s point. The spot is just like Pacasmayo but then it blows from the right and the wave might me a little shorter.

As we only have ten days we left Asseelah the next morning and took the fairy too Masirah Island, again the trip took us longer then expected. One of the reasons was that we all wanted a shot with the camels that where crossing the road. The boat brought us to Masirah in one and and a half hour. Quite relaxing not having to pay attention to the road.

There is not much happening on the Island because Ramadan started on the 10th. After 7pm you start to see people on the street and shops start to open again.

Today we had a surf session but the current was so strong that we where dead after 30 min. Just before sunset the wind picked up and we managed to kite till dark. Forecast is looking very promising for the day after tomorrow.

As you can read life is good.

We are still alive and kicking.