21 Sep 2013 Posted by: Comments: 0 In: Geen categorie
What a great Oman trip I made two months ago together with my good Dutch friend Suzanna Kuiper.
A very unexpected trip. We where talking of making a trip together but could not really figure out where to. Until Suus came up with the idea to go and explore Oman.
Two weeks later we where driving true the desert looking for the best place to kite. It was definitely not picture perfect which was nice and different for a change.
We’ve been kiting pretty much every day. The wind and waves where not like we expected as the forecast said 30 knots and 3m waves.
Some times you’re just a little unlucky. We look back on a unforgettable experience.
I would really love to go back one day when the condition do fire.
Big thanks to Nick Jacobsen for joining us and capturing the moments.