Happy and healthy 2021

First of all I would all like to wish you a happy and healthy 2021. Last year has been rough for a lot of us. Being creative, flexible and patient during a time we can’t control is difficult. It has taught me a lot and gave me time to reflect on life. I stopped swimming against the current which felt as a relief.
I should have been in Cape Town by now but im not. I was going to work on a new film project together with a talented team of female kiters and videographers which has been postponed until …..? Who knows. I got forced to slow down which gave me space and time to work on different things like getting this new website.

Big thanks to my friend Dewi who has been working behind the scenes to get this website up and running. I’m very happy with the result. If you are ever looking for a badass graphic designer Dewi is the one to call. Check her out www.dewivanderlans.nl

I also got to spend Christmas and New Years in the Netherland with family and friends which has been a long time since. It was very nice to prepare dinner during Christmas and New Years eve.. I discovered another hobby 😉 Chef Lou in the making.

Staying active during winter is also something new for me haha. Usually I’m out whenever temperatures start dropping below 10 degrees. Nowadays I’m enjoying the cold. Im taking long walks on the beach and in the forest. Mountain biking muddy tracks and surfing icy waves at my local beach. I’m feeling happy although I had different plans for winter.

For now all the best!
Stay safe stay healthy and don’t forget to smile!


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