"I like to say and think that I live in the moment. The easiest way to get into that zone is when I'm riding waves, all my other distracting thoughts disappear to the background and I feel one with the element. That’s my key to enjoyment."

This kick ass 3x World Champion ‘water woman’ is a world-class kitesurfer and ocean ambassador like no other. She not only shreds on a kite, but is also unstoppable on a surfboard, foil board and SUP. She gets goosebumps when kiting big waves in stormy weather and is a huge supporter of more women on the water and in extreme sports in general.

Jalou grew up on the Dutch coast and learnt to kite at age 12. She grew up with kiteboarding in her life as her older brother, Kevin, was totally psyched on the sport. Her curiosity lead her to learn and it turned out to be the first sport she truly enjoyed, bringing her happiness, freedom and a sense of being alive. She is constantly looking for ways to push herself to not only find that happiness, but also to inspire women to share her passion for extreme sports.

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